Things To Think About


Maybe treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure before your photo shoot appointment it will show in the pictures.

You can also do it yourself and use Color Street to apply fun nail looks at home. You can order at

Avoid facials or waxing shortly before your session as they can cause redness.

If you consider to have a spray tan done make sure to keep your palms, hands and bottom of the feet from tanning. 

For some people it helps to bring a little white wine or champagne to their session to help them loosen up and relax. However, don’t overdo the alcohol Photoshop can’t fix droopy eyelids and help you keep balanced.


Parking at the San Diego studio:

Please, note that except for Sundays, parking near the studio is metered – some parking meters accept credit cards but it is always a good idea to bring quarters with you.

Get 2 hour parking for $4.


Parking at the Santa Ana studio:

Parking is provided in front of the building. Use the parking closest to the train tracks. The signage for 1116 E. Chestnut is covered by a tree, but you can easily see 1100.

Our studio is on the second floor.