Frequently Ask Questions

How do I make an appointment? The easiest way is to call or text us and we will be able to answer all your questions and set up your appointment for you.Please email us after business hours or if we do not respond within 24 hours by phone.

What should I wear? Bring three or four sexy outfits for the shoot, maybe step out of your comfort zone and wear a corset. If you don't have any outfits, there are multiple stores online with lots of fun outfits for everyone. We strongly encourage you to wear high heels with at least a couple of your outfits. 

Do I need professional make-up done? Professional make-up will considerably enhance the quality of your pictures. Professional make-up artists know how to contour your facial features and will use your face as a beautiful canvas. It's a total transformation and well worth the time and cost! Our clients tell us that they have had good experience with M.A.C Cosmetics.

Can I bring a friend? Yes, you can bring a female friend. We do not allow men or children under 18 at the time of a boudoir shoot in the studio.

How to prepare? Should I do a spray tan before the session? You do not need to tan, but if you do, don't overdo it as it may not look completely natural under studio lighting conditions. Make sure to keep your palms and feet from staining!

How about a glass of wine to relax at the time of my photo shoot? Yes, have a glass of wine on us when you arrive or bring your own! You need to be 21 years old! One glass only.

Will my images be edited? Yes, our editing team will edit all your images and add filters to your photos to soften and enhance your skin. You will look beautiful, if you never had that done you will be amazed.

When can I view and purchase my images? Your photo gallery will be available within 5 business days. We will schedule an appointment for you to view them privately and you will be able to select and purchase them that day.

How long will it take to have an album made? Production time for albums is 3 to 4 weeks. However we can expedite orders if needed for a small extra charge.

How do I receive the digital files I paid for? We supply you with a link to your own private galley and you can download your images.

How long will this gallery be available? Your gallery will be available for one month and after that time frame we delete all images. We do not keep customers photos on file unless they are released by you for studio use.

Where can I get quality prints made? Your purchased digital files will remain on your gallery for one month and you can order prints and wall portraits via Angelika's Photography Store Front privately.

Can I take my digital files elsewhere to be printed and do I have copy rights? Yes, you will receive a copy release for the images you purchased from us and you can have prints made anywhere.


Contact us for other questions.